We are the Importer of the Artiteq Integrating a flexible hanging system into your home interior is easily and quickly done with         the Click Rail. In three simple steps, the rail is fastened to the wall; by hanging or sliding the wires into the rail with optional gallery rail hooks that come in different max weight configuration (4kg,7kg and our squeeze and release delux 15kg gallery hook) you create a flexible suspension of your decorations. The new aluminium or white  polished version of the Click Rail fits perfectly into modern interiors.The cable drops come with a easy twist and lock or release from the gallery rail makes it easy to add or remove gale drops from the gallery rail. The cables come in different lengths (1,5m,2m,2,5m and 3m) steel or clear perlon cable giving the customer choice.

For the older option where wooden picture rails are installed, we have wide moulding hooks (brass , antique and white) we also provide cable drops in this application steel or clear looped so that it slides over the wide moulding hook that hooks onto the wooden picture rail. This is a great idea for very old buildings where dring holes into the walls is not permitted using exciting infrastructure to adapt to a user friendly hanging solution.



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